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CarSmash on location

Are you organizing an event and would you like to add an original activity? Or would you simply like to smash a car on a location of your choice? We now offer ‘CarSmash on location’!

CarSmash offers you the once-in-a-lifetime possibility to legally destroy a car and smash it into pieces! We offer a wide range of weapons including baseball bats, hockey sticks, golfclubs, sledgehammers and much more.

We’ll get to you with our cars, destruction weapons, protective clothing and all other necessities to turn your event into a blast! Our experienced staff will accompany the entire activity to make sure everything runs safe and sweet. And by the end of the activity, we will leave your venue spotlessly clean!

CarSmash can be booked as a stand-alone event or be part of a bigger event.

Special rates and conditions apply so please contact us now for a tailor made offer.

Special group packages

CarSmash has been around for over 7 years now. It is innovative and very popular; ideal for a bachelor party, weekend away with friends or for team building & corporate events.

Bachelor parties

Bachelor party coming up? Then look no further and come CarSmashen! The ultimate bachelorette party activity! Can be booked with extras such as BBQ, snacks, drinks and our own real bikini babes! (Snacks, a BBQ or Bikini Babe temporarily unavailable, drinks are!)

Carsmash on location

Are you organizing an event and looking for an original activity? Would you like to have this activity take place at a location of your choice? Then book 'CarSmash on location'. We come to you and take care of the cars, weapons and other supplies.


Looking for a special interpretation of your company party? Then come CarSmash! KPN, ABN AMRO, Tempo-Team and many other companies have gone before you. Catering, transport and game elements are also among the many options!