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General terms and conditions of Plan A event management – CarSmash
1. Definitions

The participants of the Event.

Molesting the wreck of a car, known as “CarSmash”.

One of the Participants that the group represents towards us, being the person to whom the Booking Confirmation has been sent by us.

CarSmash, part of Plan A Event Management Company, a company located on the address Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 27 C, 1012 NG, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Booking Confirmation
The confirmation of the Event received by the Customer including further details thereof such as date, start time, location, delivery location, costs and terms of payment.

2. Applicability
All bookings for the Event which have been accepted by a Booking Confirmation by us are subject to these terms and conditions. If Customer also uses any of our other services, then the relevant terms and conditions hereof apply supplementary, but the conditions for CarSmash prevail for this Event. The applicability of any general terms and conditions of Customer is expressly excluded.

3. Payment moment
If the Customer has not paid the fee due to us ultimately 30 days before the date of the Event, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.

4. Compulsory identification
Before participating in CarSmash we require the Customer to identify himself by showing us a valid ID.

5. Requirements during the Event
By entering the reservation the Customer, also on behalf of the Participants, declares to be familiar with and to agree to the requirements applicable to CarSmash:

  • It is not allowed to participate in the Event after consuming alcohol or any type of drugs. In case of doubt, our staff has the final decision whether the Participant is capable of participating in the Event.
  • During participation in the Event it is mandatory to wear the distributed protective clothing, such as overalls, gloves, and safety glasses. Wearing closed shoes is mandatory and wearing slippers is not allowed.
  • Between Participants who are hitting the vehicle and Participants being spectator, a distance of 2.5 meters must be safeguarded. Participants that are at the distance of 2.5 meters, as well as any other spectators, must wear a pair of glasses with side protection or safety glasses when Participants are occupied with hitting the vehicle.
  • Upon striking the vehicle, the Participant must be aware of his surroundings. The Participant must observe enough space in order that the Participant will no one hit during the hitting and pulling out therefore.
  • It is not allowed to enter the vehicle before, during, or after the Event.
  • It is not allowed that more than 2 persons at the same time permitted to hit the vehicle. They must always observe a mutual distance of 2.5 meters in relation to each other.
  • There is a choice of various hammers and other tools available so that each Participant can select a tool suitable for him.
  • No one should stay on the vehicle at any moment.
  • It is not allowed to touch any other vehicle other than the vehicle that has been assigned to the relevant group of Participants.
  • It is not permitted to take away and abstract any part of the assigned vehicle or of any other vehicles present at the yard. This is regarded as theft which will be reported to the police.
  • It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the staff.

6. Cancellation and changes
If the Customer wishes to cancel the Event the following will be due:
More than 14 days before the date of the Event = cancellation free of charge;
Less than 14 days before the date of the Event = 100% of the price due.

With partly cancellations where the group amount is less than planned you’ll have 1 week before the activity. If the cancellation takes place within the week of the event 100% of the price is due.

Deposits are non-refundable
All cancellations must be issued in writing. The date of cancellation is the date we have received the message of cancellation.

The following conditions are certainly no reason to cancel the reservation without charge:

  • weather conditions on the day of the Event;
  • an insufficient number of Participants (= less than 8 Participants).\

If CarSmash makes changes to the event, such switching to a different scrap yard, or wishes to make changes before or during the Event, CarSmash has the right to implement the changes to the customer. The changes will be communicated in writing at all times, if possible in a timely manner.

In the event of partial and complete cancellations in the event by CarSmash, CarSmash will reimburse 100% of the canceled part. No additional compensation will be provided.

7. Liability
Participation in the Event is at the Participant’s own risk. We cannot be held liable for damage, loss of property, injury or death which is suffered by a Participant as a consequence of the participation.

8. Right of Refusal
We are at all times entitled without giving reasons to refuse or unilaterally cancel a booking for CarSmash if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that the Participants will not comply with the provisions of these conditions or otherwise by participation in this Event will cause an unacceptable risk – whether or not to others.

9. Applicable law
All disputes arising from the reservation of CarSmash are subject to Dutch law and will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.